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SGS Accutest founded in 1956 operates from state-of-the art integrated laboratories in  Dayton, New JerseyOrlando, FloridaHouston, TexasLafayette, Louisiana; and Denver, Colorado. SGS Accutest provides reliable, comprehensive testing services for organic and inorganic constituents in air, water, soil, chemical and hazardous wastes, energetics, and explosives, and emerging contaminants.

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Accutest Corporate Office The Company conducts operations in over 220,000 square feet of total laboratory space. It maintains a significant portion of advanced late model instrumentation to support large complex projects and routine analyses of standard analytical parameters. The staff consists of over 636 professionals.

The laboratory network is capable of performing routine analysis of Drinking Water, Wastewater, Solid and Hazardous Waste, and Air matrices. Specialty analyses include; State-Specific TPH Methods, Explosives; Nitrocellulose; PCB Congeners; Low-Level Mercury; Biota and Tissue; Hexavalent Chrome; Perchlorate; 1,4 Dioxane; Fuel Oxygenates; Petroleum Fingerprinting and Appendix IX Constituents. Each laboratory is functionally designed to efficiently process large numbers of environmental samples. The laboratories are equipped with centralized process gas distribution, water purification systems and separate, dedicated zone HVAC systems to prevent atmospheric cross-contamination.

Service Centers

Accutest Service CentersSGS Accutest also operates from twelve Service Centers located in Tempe, AZ; Irvine, CA; Rifle, CO; Honolulu, HI; Elk Grove Village, IL; Baton Rouge, LA; Sulphur, LA; Charlotte, NC, Raleigh, NC; Syracuse, NY; Exton, PA; and Stanton, TX.  The Service Centers are designed and operated to ensure that samples can be shipped to the laboratories quickly and provide convenient services to clients with nearby offices or ongoing local projects.

Courier Services

SGS Accutest maintains a fleet of couriers that handle sample pickup and container delivery within a 100-mile radius of our laboratories. All couriers are employees of SGS Accutest with experience in handling environmental samples and sample documentation. SGS Accutest has established contract courier services in the States of Alabama, Colorado, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas.


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