SGS Accutest’s senior staff in our analytical service lab averages over 16 years of experience with the Company and 26 years of analytical chemistry experience primarily in environmental chemistry. In addition to a sound bench applications foundation, many began their careers in environmental chemistry with Federal and State regulatory agencies. This level of senior management experience carries with it a thorough understanding of the environmental chemistry needs of the regulated community, which translates into a successfully executed project for clients.

The SGS Accutest senior staff’s experience includes method development and validation to meet specific client needs. SGS Accutest is a frequent presenter at regional and National technical conferences presenting on subjects that include analytical chemistry, quality assurance, laboratory accreditation, laboratory management and regulatory requirements.

SGS Accutest staff has an impressive portfolio of successful project management and execution for many Fortune 100 companies and National and regional consulting and engineering firms.


Technology TestingEvery SGS Accutest Analytical Services Lab is equipped with state of the art instrumentation to assure that client’s samples are analyzed as quickly and efficiently as possible using cutting edge technology enabling them to meet their regulatory needs. The Company’s technical experts keep abreast of new and emerging technologies that provide operational efficiencies while improving precision and accuracy for purchase by the Company. This approach assures SGS Accutest’s clients that sample analysis and data reporting is being conducted as economically as possible without sacrificing data quality.

SGS Accutest’s standing capital re-investment policy assures that aging equipment is regularly replaced which assures that an operational efficiency edge is maintained. This approach enables SGS Accutest to continually replace manual processes and less efficient instrumentation with automated instrumentation which continually contributes to SGS Accutest’s high sample through-put capabilities.

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