SGS Accutest Laboratory Information Management System

SGS Accutest’s IT services are the most comprehensive in our industry. Our systems allow us to seamlessly produce custom deliverables and electronic data interchange through our Electronic Data Deliverables (EDDs).

We are 100% committed to providing online access to data and in fact, view the access as one of our key value-added services and a leading component of our business direction.

The SGS Accutest Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is the most critical tool in the operation of our laboratories. Virtually everything from sample receipts to sample disposal is tracked through the LIMS. And, all of our laboratory locations are operating and standardized to the same LIMS.

LIMS Functions

Virtually every phase of laboratory operations at SGS Accutest centers on our LIMS.


The LIMS at each SGS Accutest location resides on a server sized appropriately for the location. Each of these servers has sufficient expansion capability to meet increasing workloads and still maintain superior performance both internally and externally for SGS Accutest online data services.

Oracle Database

The LIMS is based on a state-of-the-art Oracle relational database. The database model has been painstakingly designed to handle the extraordinarily complex issues faced by the commercial environmental laboratory.


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