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  • Offers 24 hour real-time access to your data.
  • Provides true interactive access to our database.
  • Is a value added service free of charge.
  • Up to the minute access to all your project information. Data is available as it is approved.
  • EDDs and all submitted queries are available for instantaneous download at any time.
  • All COCs & invoices are scanned and readily accessible via LabLink.

Data Query

  • QA approved results are electronically transferred from our instruments into your database.
  • You can sort and view data by any field.
  • Print result pages that are identical to the final hard copy.
  • You can narrow your query down from a complete report to individual compounds or elements.

Regulatory Limits

  • You can compare your results against federal or state regulatory limits (i.e TCLP regulatory limits or drinking water standards).
  • Exceedences and presented in bold.


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