Corporate Quality Assurance Program

The Corporate Quality Assurance Program establishes the quality framework for each individual SGS Accutest facility. The Corporate Quality Assurance Director determines corporate policies and defines the quality responsibilities at the facility level. He is responsible for monitoring the quality system at each facility and providing feedback to the management staff.

The reporting relationship between Corporate Quality Assurance and the Quality Assurance Officers at each laboratory reflects a dotted line responsibility. This type of relationship enables the Corporate Program to be implemented locally while enhancing day-to-day operational efficiency at each facility.

Quality Assurance at Each Laboratory

The SGS Accutest philosophy enables each facility to implement a quality policy using their unique operating style. This approach provides the autonomy needed to meet the requirements of the local regulatory jurisdictions using procedures that efficiently meet their operational objectives.

The Quality Assurance Program at each facility incorporates the elements of ISO Guide 17025 and NELAP. The operations management staff is responsible for implementing the program elements and operating the quality system.

The Quality Assurance Officer monitors the program, provides feedback to local and corporate management, and assists with corrective action and training if needed.



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